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Showing posts from June, 2001
I got fired and I feel fine... I feel fine because I know that the company I was with was a total, 100% loser. I will be fine because know better than to let working at a second miserable technology company get me down. I got fired because they are clueless and don't like criticism. I will be fine because we're moving "back" to NY to make my family whole again, it's been too long with too much unsaid.
I used to work with this guy - he'll know who he is if he reads this but won't see the humor in it... He is fond of prefacing things with "I call this.." So what's really great is when you are in a meeting with this guy/ He'll say cool things like "I like to call this a telephone" or "I like to call this a land-line" like he fucking invented the thing he's referencing. Once, I heard him say "I call this the Internet" which was dramatically funny to me for so many reasons. It's great to chat with him once you know about this eccentricty because you can spur him on by saying things like "Hey, what's this thing called?" If you ask it enough about different things, he'll spring a doozey on you - guaranteed! "It's what I call, oxygen." Fun.