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Free: The Future of Radical Price, Non-profit Edition

Similar to my notes on the fantastic "What Would Google Do," I'm excited to post some thoughts on Chris Anderson's amazing book "Free" and apply the concepts once again to the non-profit world.

At first, I struggled to see how to apply the concepts in the book to non-profit fundraising but after finishing and having spent quite a few hours at the beach considering things, I'm really excited to outline what I think are pretty cool and in hindsight, fairly obvious ways for non-profits to utilize these concepts.

If you haven’t yet read it, “Free” is all about abundance. The internet, in particular (the world of “bits”) is pushing us from a world driven by supply and demand and scarcity into a uncharted and uncomfortable world of abundance and access. Digital goods and services can now be reproduced for free and distributed for free instantaneously across the globe. This is radically changing traditional markets and forcing traditional companies to compe…