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Clerks II is coming...

Kevin's appearance on Leno 7/10/2006: Is anyone else excited? LinksAskew: NewsAskew Kevin's Blog Clerks II Site Myspace - Clerks II Myspace - The Real Kevin Smith Tags: clerks , clerksII , kevinsmith , jasonmewes , mooby

More Music -

A friend told me about after reading my blog post. This is really cool - I love how they've integrated the social network thing and provide lots of tools to embed your playlists, stations on a blog (see below for my most recent tracks). I don't like how you how to download software (old school) at all, but the tools, tags and customization are amazing! Tags: pandora , , music , newmusic

New Music

I've blogged in the past about discovering new music and have lately found 3 new artists (new to me) that I am really enjoying... Zero 7 - my brother gave me 2 of their CD's and I recently bought their new one Regina Spektor - check her out in Second Life <- Second Life SLURL Joshua Radin - Zach Braff blogged about him What Pandora has to do with this is simple - I've created stations for each of these artists and am able to not only listen to their music, but listen to other songs and artists that relate directly to them... dramatically increasing my chances of finding even more new artists that I'll love! You can check out my Pandora profile and station list here. Tags: pandora , zero7 , reginaspektor , joshuaradin , zachbraff , newmusic