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Showing posts from September, 2008

20 Year Reunion

I had my 20th year high school reunion last Saturday night and it was a complete and total trip. On the way over, as I pulled into Bedford Hills, I realized that our prom song from 1988 was playing. Serendipity I guess.

Interestingly as the event approached, I had reconnected on Facebook with so many friends that I hadn't thought about in so many years. The memories had flooded back quickly, some things just stick in your brain for one reason or another.

I think the biggest question I had going to the event was to try to find out what imnpression people had of me from back then. I've been on such a crazy journey since graduating (as we all have I guess). What I realized is that while we've all grown up, we still retain some pieces sof who we were back then.

I found myself reconnecting with a certain set of people who for one reason or another I fell away from towards the end of high school. As the memories came back, I found myself really enjoying myself and wished that I had…

Perspective Shifts

I was doing some office cleaning this morning and found a letter my daughter wrote to me a few years ago. It's all about how she wants to be me when she grows up (how sweet!).

It's a great letter.

Towards the end, she writes "I want to be 5'11" tall like my dad. I want to see the world like him."

What a statement. It powerfully reminded me just now about how important my most important job actually is.

It's amazing at how kids (conciously or unconciously) can make statements that hit you like a ton of bricks in such an innocent manner.