Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Leverage

I've been in blogging hibernation as I adjust to my new gig and am happy to be emerging finally, even if just for a bit.

I'm working on a new framework concept to help me organize all the different partners, vendors and volunteers and wanted to blog a little about how I plan to manage it all.

From an IT perspective, most folks start with an "infrastructure" and a basic architecture. I'm trying to figure out how to draw it, but I'm adding a few layers to this in order to both maximize my leverage. That said, I'm actually a marketing guy... so really, from a marketing perspective, I also need some sort of architecture.

First, I'm creating what I'm calling a "Marketecture," which essentially is a layer of marketing activities that should be plugged into both my technology infrastructure and my strategic planning. For example, how do we know who in our database is also a Twitter follower or Facebook fan? We don't. Or... who on our e-mail lists have which profiles and get which e-mail blasts? Right now, I have no idea and I'm starting to feel like a spammer. I'll need a robust set of marketing processes and to finalize this "marketecture" before we can really get going.

Second is what I'll awkwardly call a "Partnertecture," which of course is a fully leveraged and integrated set of partners, vendors and service providers. It's critical that everyone in our "stack" know each other and provide services throughout the entire marketing strategy. An example might be that I have pro-bono SEO person/volunteer who needs to interface with our digital agency, whom we're not directly paying for those types of services. Without leveraging partners across my strategies will create ineffective situations. I'll also be losing time and won't be able to easily untangle partners down the road.

I'll be noodling on these concepts a lot in the next few weeks as we turn up the heat on 2010 and lay down a path for rapid and dramatic growth over the next 3-5 years.