Sunday, February 6, 2005

U2 Gets It...

I signed up and paid $40 to become a member so I could get tickets for their upcoming tour. I haven't seen them live since Joshua Tree, and my wife and I wanted tix bad to celebrate our 12th anniversary.

Fast forward to the day that tickets went on "pre-sale" exclusively for members. Wouldn't you know it - we went online only to find out that there were no tix available. It appeared as if Madison Square Garden was sold out within 2 hours.

I was pretty dismayed, but ended up getting tickets via ticketmaster online when they went onsale to the general public. That said, my wife stood outside a local Coconuts and I matched her online, clicking and refreshing as fast as I could to be able to snatch some tix. We ended up with behind the stage tix (hey, we're in!), but I had a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Lo and behold.. I get an open letter email from Larry Mullen, apologizing for treating their fans so badly, and basically taking the heat.

"The idea that our long-time U2 fans and scalpers competed for U2
tickets through our own website is appalling to me. I want to apologise
to you who have suffered that."

That's a class act in my book. I'm left with a greater respect for these guys in the end. Thanks Larry, for not letting me get U2 Vertigo.

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