Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Check It Off My List (sort of)

I read in the paper the other day that Brooklawn Productions had an open casting call for a feature film called Bobby Dogs. No acting experience necessary!

So after work tonight, I drove up to Fairfield and found myself sitting in a waiting room, waiting for a chance to audition for a movie. The woman asked me what role I was there to audition for and I drew a blank. I quickly scanned the list of roles and selected Slick Businessman. Thoughts of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross ringing in my head - I sat down at a table and started to read my lines.

I immediately knew I was in way over my head... I can't even imagine myself reading these lines in front of actual living human beings. I thought of all those horrendous American Idol auditions and having my audition show up on some blooper reel.
Hey Bob, check out this guy... HA! Let's submit that to America's Funniest Casting Calls!"
My name was called a few minutes later... and I stood up to face my fears. I walked into the audition room and looked around - met the director, some woman (I was about blanked out with fear at this point) and was told to say my name into the camera, and start reading my lines when they said "Action."

20 seconds later, I was in my car, on my way home, not sure of what just happened. It was a blindingly fast, terrifying experience - but one completely fulfilling and exciting. When this movie comes out - I can say that I was there at the beginning - making an ass out of myself!


Nora Tragianese said...

Hey - did you hear anything back?

I auditioned, too....they said they'd "DEFINITELY" call me back "in 10 days".

WAY over 10 days....still nothing...

Marc said...

Heck no!

My audition was so bad, I'd be surprised if I'm not the joke of the auditions :)

I bet they are still shaking their heads.