Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kids Questions for Santa

My kids are asking some interesting questions this year of the man in red...

Syd's Questions (she's 7):
  1. Why do you wear a red suit?
  2. Why is Xmas day on the 25th
  3. Is Rudolph in good shape?
  4. How are the other reindeer?
  5. Is Rudolph still head of the team?
  6. Do you like to be Santa Claus?
  7. Does Rudolph talk?
  8. How did you get the name Kris Kringle?
  9. How did you become Santa?
  10. Is Meister Burger real?
  11. Is it chilly out there?
Ju's Questions (she's 9)
  1. Why did you choose to be Santa?
  2. When did you start?
  3. How did you find Rudolph?
  4. Is it cold up there?
  5. Do you need special coats, like the red one?
I wonder what his answers will be?

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