Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spreading New Ideas...

I was pointed to a great little article by a colleague "The Challenge of Spreading A New Idea" on (they are still around?).

I love this framework and applied it to what I'm working on at Microsoft...

To spread a new idea, connect it to a familiar one, then give it a twist. Here are four examples.

Success: Cloverfield
Breakthrough: Blockbuster event movie shot in digital video
Message: Godzilla meets Blair Witch
Upshot: The film has grossed about $168 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.

(Read More examples)

Here's the CIO Network through this lens...

Jury's Out: The CIO Network
Breakthrough: An invitation only, private online network for CIOs to build peer relationships, talk about issues and get connected to Microsoft execs and product developers.
Message: Unique opportunity to connect with like minded strategic CIOs and get behind the scenes at Microsoft.
Upshot: Will CIOs actually participate in such a forum?

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