Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are You the One?

UPDATE 6/22/09...

I never saw this coming but I ended up taking the job myself. I'm as stunned as you are. More to come for sure...

Original post:
I'm working with a high profile non-profit who is looking to fill a very senior level position: Chief Community Officer.

Here' s a bit from the job description... if this sounds like you or someone you know, please email me.
  • Exploits the new media of social and community networking in the previously untapped not-for-profit sector; democratizes the process of reaching a mass audience, thereby capitalizing on new revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Provides thought leadership both internal and external; strategizes with senior managers and Board members.
  • Leads the social direction organizationally, via creation and execution of mission statement, in areas such as: social (general), social technologies and communities, and social media.
  • Develops a strategic plan for social and community networking and implements the coordination efforts with various departments such as Awareness/ Communications, Development, Information Technology and Program Services.
  • More.. much more
Interested or know someone who is qualified? Email me.

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