Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Business Book Bible

I've been devouring business books for ages, I can't seem to get enough. The latest book I picked up is "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis. I'm about halfway through and will hopefully do a blog post on the book when I'm done if I can find the time.

What hit me as I was reading it is that this book is clearly going to be my "new bible" - I even tweeted that it was already.

Thinking back and looking through my old web site and my bookshelf in my office, I was curious what some of my old "bibles" have been - remember these beauties?
  • The Innovators Dilemma - Clayton Christenson
  • Mavericks at Work - Bill Taylor
  • Rules for Revolutionaries - Guy Kawasaki
  • Don't Make Me Think - Krug
  • Cluetrain Manifesto - Searls/Weinberger - as relevant as ever, what were those guy smoking when they wrote this?
  • Purple Cow - Seth Godin
Going way back, I seem to remember a book called "Blur" that I obsessed over, as well as the one that got it all started: "Being Digital" by Negroponte.

What are some of your current and past "bibles?"

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