Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Democratization of Philanthropy

Amazing TED video (as per usual). I love, love, love what Katerine Fulton is trying to say.

  1. Mass Collaboration - "big things are being done for love" (Shirky)
  2. Online Philanthropy Marketplaces - peer to peer philanthropy (check out
  3. Aggregated Giving - every giver should have his or her own fund and foundation (check out
  4. Innovation Competitions - maybe my favorite!
  5. Social investing - perhaps the biggest of them all - this blows up our assumptions business is business and philanthropy is philanthropy
Amazing, amazing talk. Thanks TED.

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Christine Egger said...

Hi Marc,

Completely agree, I loved this talk. Posted a comment on the TED site describing the work Social Actions is doing along these lines.

You might enjoy this video, too -- describes why Social Actions is committed to building the exact infrastructure Katherine is describing, and what we're doing towards that end:

My Social Actions might be of interest to you, too -- online social network for all kinds of people involved in philanthropy, tech, nonprofits, causewired actions of all kinds. Feel free to cross-post there or launch any kind of related discussion:

Kudos for drawing attention to this movement --