Friday, March 25, 2005

Databases, Consultants, and Marketing, OH MY.

The Web sites that I'm responsible for marketing have been down for 4 days. We're almost back up as I type this - and as a marketing guy who is dangerous enough to fake his way through a conversation with techies, I'm about baked.

Sunday at 3 am we crashed. Not an unusal occurance for our site but still a problem none-the-less. Monday comes and I find out we lost a (some?) hard drives in an array on a cluster. Blah blah blah.

Monday night is here and I've managed to survive by sending emails to my entire company, thereby sealing my fate as the tech, web guy. Did I mention I'm a marketing guy yet? Never coded an original program, never loaded a database, never even saw an Oracle table. She was good in the Matrix though.

Tuesday, still down. No relief in sight. An array controller is broken. Get a new one! Not good enough.

Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Wednesday night - still down. Can't sleep, can't breath. What's so hard? I hate technology. I'm in marketing for god sakes... I'm not even supposed to be here today!

Thursday comes - not up, still down. Still down. Still down. I'm babbling.

We get something called an array controller for our array, which is different than our cluster, which OF COURSE is NOT our database server. It's not db1 or db2 and it's nothing that is making any difference at all. We're still not live.

I'm building pages by hand, planting redirects because YES - we have radio ads hitting this week. URLs galore, web traffic like mad... angry emails, consternation from the corner offices. Just get the site up already goddamn it. Why is it taking so long?

Friday Morning..., 12:14AM... after midnight... almost up... supposedly so. 30 minutes - just hang on...

The geeks are handling it or so they say.

Still down. Still down. Still f**cking down G**d**n it! Why the F**k can't we get our site back up and running? Why? Why? Why?

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