Friday, March 25, 2005

I Think I Stole a Wish

So our servers are finally up... and I hope I didn't (but I think I did) steal one of my daughters wishes to get it back.

As I was leaving for work this morning, she showed me a "gold coin" she got from school and said that it was from a pot of gold. She told me you could wish on the coin and handed it to me. My mind immediately thought.. "Well, I'd wish for the servers to be back up." But what I said out loud to her was "Honey, I won't use one of your wishes."

But it was too late. I did it. In a microsecond... I selfishly stole one of my daughters wishes to get a stupid server back online.

By the time I got to work... the servers were back and my web sites up and running. So you know it was the coin that did it (well, that and 4 full days of consultants and geeks running around).

I'm a horrible person!

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