Saturday, January 8, 2005

Just a Geek and Fast Moving Librarians!

I kept hearing about how great Wil's books "Just a Geek" and "Dancing Barefoot" were so I checked out the local library to see if I could get them there. Since the answer was no, I told the librarian all about the book and she told me she'd look into it. This in early December, 2004.

I went home that day feeling like I did a good thing, but without Wil's books. I quickly bought them online and have since read them.

Today, I'm in the library again looking at new releases and lo and behold - there's "Just a Geek" on display! Unreal. Who would have thought the local librarian could move so fast - or perhaps it's just a coincidence?

Here's a screen shot from the library web site if you care:

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