Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Old Friends, New Lives

I met an OLD friend tonight - someone I hadn't seen in many years - in fact - hadn't seen him since after high school . Way back in 1988 or so.

We were pretty good friends back then - we ran in very similar circles. It's funny though, how people seem to change so much, yet stay the same. My friend runs his own company, hangs out with famous faces and is doing his thing like no one I know. It's not just fantastic, it's astounding. The funny thing is, underneath it all, he's pretty much the same guy. Well, he's not "that guy" - not the jerky high school idiot like we all were back then - but it's still him underneath the hood.

I do think that people can change. But after tonight, I'm feeling that no matter what happens in your life - some of core seems to remain intact, buried deep down. I know that for myself, I've changed dramatically since then (thank god), but deep down - way down deep, there is a bit of the high school me still kicking around, feeling insecure, stupid and completely retarded.

The thing is - as I look at my life and start to understand where I've been and the choices I've made, I start to realize that those old friends and those foundational moments (stealing shit, high school sports, 3rd grade crushes, summer camp) all help create the dough that you eventually bake into your life.

It was a total trip catching up on old high school people - names that come screaming out of the past and collide with your current mindset - it's such a blast going back in time, The best part of course, is being able to jump out, back to today - back to my family and my almost middle age life. Happy Birthday to me.

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