Monday, December 22, 2008

I Can Save the US Auto Industry, Really!

I have the answer! I really do. But I want to lay out some ideas before dropping the bomb on you.

A few disclaimers before we get started...

In reality, I have very little car experience. Never marketed a car, built a car or designed a car. That said, I've paid for CV boots, brakes, tires and once, an entire new front end. I've wrecked a few cars (no one hurt), and certainly spent plenty of time at the gas pump. I have washed cars occassionally, but don't like it that much.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here are some actual disclaimers:

  1. I'm not a huge car nut. My brother fills that gap in our family. I did once subscribe to Car & Driver, but only for a short time. I tend to view cars as a depreciating asset, but I do trip out when I see a really cool looking ride.

  2. I actually (delusional or brilliant, you tell me) believe I can save the US Auto Industry with my idea.

  3. The idea is free for you to take and use. All I ask is that I get a free one of my choice one day.

As I said, I am not going to simply drop the idea on you just like that. It would feel trivial I think. Or be misunderstood. You might make smarmy comments on my blog like "you idiot" or "that's the dumbest thing ever. Go die jerkboy." Stuff like that.

Instead, in this first post, I'm going to layout a few ideas. You smarties out there will see where this is going straightaway. Feel free to use your car industry contacts to take the idea and make it happen.

Concept 1: Most folks don't give a crap about [high] performance

Since I have literally no statistics, I'm going to take the bloggers perogative and assume this is true for MOST (but not all) of us. If it is true, I'm already on the right track. Sure, lots of folks want high performance vehicles. But me, I just want something efficient that never breaks. My solution isn't for those of you who can afford $150,000 cars. Hell, it isn't for those of you who can afford $50,000 cars. The sort of performance we want is fuel economy and advanced cup holding technology.

Concept 2: My solution bets on the fact that the theater of cars is the most important factor

As I mentioned in a recent tweet, "my auto industry solution based on: It's a fact that U.S. Auto design has always been more about theater than innovation." I'll expand on this soon, but you already know it's true, don't you!

Concept 3: My solution requires a totally new business model. The record companies thought Napster was tough - ha! My solution will require even more pain (hey, I never said my solution was going to be easy did I?)

Ok, more to come soon... if you can guess what my solution here is by leaving a comment, I'll give you a special prize. Yes, I'll tell you if you are right.


David said...

Disposable, recyclable cars that never need an oil change?

Marc said...

Interesting, but no.