Friday, December 19, 2008

I Like Greg Grunberg

I really do. I liked him in Alias and love him in Heroes. Never saw Felicity. I'm just hoping he doesn't get Sylar to come split my head open and steal any of my powers after reading this post.

I've been following @greggrunberg on Twitter for a while now and really enjoy his updates. He seems like a normal, cool guy who happens to be an actor. I dig that about him. Just a few minutes ago, I spotted this update from him which promptly prompted me to write this post.
greggrunberg GREGGRUNBERG.COM I'm just sayin'!!!! -- I'm LIVE baby! Just went live and it's good to be live! GREGGRUNBERG.COM

I'm thrilled he has his own web site. I've had my own since God knows when and would never begrudge a celeb their own slice of cyberspace. Good on him. Good on him until I checked out his site that is.

Hey! What happened to the @greggrunberg guy that I like to follow on Twitter? Why is it that I cannot find, no matter where I look a link to his Twitter account or any of the photos that I know he's linked to before?

Here's a list of how his new site completely FAILS to match what he's doing so successfully on Twitter.

  • Typical celebrity website filled with professional photography and slick flash effects FAIL.
  • News section... ok, I'm hopeful as I click news, thinking of course, they are using Twitter to feed the news section, good idea! Nope. News = press releases. FAIL.
  • I click "Grunny" section - this must be it.. the guy has his own section on his own site, cool... hmm.. a bit better I think but still, over produced garbage. And still no twitter feed. About Us section however is required, B+.
  • Projects. Who cares, I already know, he's in Heroes and well, they already have an awesome site. Required though for any web site. B.
  • Photos. Holy crap! I found buried way down in the midst of a crap load of photos a link called Grunny on Twitter (I knew he had linked to some photos). More photos taken by Grunny himself. Too many photos though and not enough that appear to be taken by Grunny and friends. B.

In fact, here's my advice. Trash this piece of crap and go get a Wordpress blog. Make the blog and twitter the main homepage and bury the rest of the crap somewhere else.

  • Lastly, why do I need to register for a site like this? The bare minimum required would be to please list some benefits of registering AND put in big bold letters that you won't sell my info, trade my info or give my info to anyone under any circumstances. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

Nice try, you can do better (and your fans I think would appreciate it). Don't you love social media?

The same rules apply to brands as do celebs and obnoxious bloggers... be consistent, be authentic and be open to criticsm.

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