Thursday, December 18, 2008

Role Playing in Immersive Worlds

I've been participating in a new community focused on the immersive internet called ThinkBalm. We did an in-world "role-play" a few weeks ago that despite the usual and significant user issues, technology hurdles and confusion worked out pretty well.

Erica Driver, the curator of the ThinkBalm community and a few community members (including me just a tiny bit) helped write a paper about the experience titled "Role-play redux: ‘Convince the curmudgeon.’” Visit the link to see more and download the pdf of the article.

I continue to be fascinated by immersive worlds for many reasons but continue to struggle with their business applicability because of significant user interface issues, training and technology hurdles. Consider me an early adopter!

Visit the ThinkBalm site to learn more about the community and getting involved.

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