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Is anyone podcasting? What are you listening to? I've heard Adam Curry has some good stuff, but it's music oriented.. what else is out there? What are you listening to? I downloaded Doppler, an Podcasting "client" - they have a new release 2.0 out that is pretty neat. It has integrated search and I've pulled down the Engadget Podcast - my first ever Podcast listening experience as I type this. Phillip Torrone is talking about Nasa and other extremely geeky (re: cool!) things. Very neat. I hope there are some good pcasts out there.

Cory Doctorow

Who knows about this guy? I found him through his blog and it turns out he's a pretty terrific writer. I downloaded his book Eastern Standard Tribes (halfway done, terrific read!!!). The intro however is the most interesting piece of this experience for me so far... The book was released under a creative commons license and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. An excerpt of that intro: To that end, here is the book as a non-physical artifact. A file. A bunch of text, slithery bits that can cross the world in an instant, using the Internet, a tool designed to copy things very quickly from one place to another; and using personal computers, tools designed to slice, dice and rearrange collections of bits. These tools demand that their users copy and slice and dice—rip, mix and burn!—and that's what I'm hoping you will do with this. Not (just) because I'm a swell guy, a big-hearted slob. Not because Tor is run by addlepated dot-com r