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"Dreams and Disorientation"

(this is cross posted from my non-profit marketing blog , and eventually from the official International Rescue Committee blog - I wanted to share it here too. When was the last time you were moved to take action? This post isn’t intended to get you to take action, or to make a donation to the International Rescue Committee , where I work currently. But there’s a good chance you just might because you will most certainly be moved, surprised and compelled to, at minimum, learn more about what I’m going to talk about. If I can manage to write what I have in my head you will literally be astounded. Americans take the “American Dream” for granted. Big time. For me, growing up in Westchester County, NY, college, a career and a family were only ever a question of time. It’s a given for many Americans that if they work hard they can live the life of their dreams. But to me, the "American Dream" isn’t really “American” – it’s more of a statement about the spirit of ALL human beings