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Mr Mom "Scorecard" [Day 4 April 25, 2007, Thursday]

The week is almost over. I am going to make it! As I was taking the kids down to the bus this morning, I asked them if I've done a good job. It wasn't all good but they may have been busting my chops (I deserve it, I bust their chops every chance I get). Given their not so stellar review, I thought that I'd rate myself on a series of key categories to see how I've done. Waking up, brushing teeth and eating breakfast: 4 out of 5. Totally forgot to wash Syd's face this AM and noticed it as I was saying goodbye to her at the bus stop. Bits of chocolate donut on her face, very cool. Following mom's instructions: 5 out of 5. Followed them perfectly. When Julia accused me of not following the instructions when I didn't pack her lunch on Thursday, I suddenly became F. Lee Baily and showed her PROOF. In yer face kid. Dinner, homework and showers: 6 out of 5. Despite them not liking dinner 2 nights (I made them eat some anyway), dinner worked out well. Showers went s

Mr Mom "Tired" [Day 3 April 25, 2007, Wednesday]

Today I'm tired. Yes, I am to blame as I stayed up way too late editing the video from yesterday. And then I played some video games before falling asleep, so yea it's my fault. Today was rough. I've got the wake-up, do breakfast, get dressed, catch the bus thing down, but now I'm getting into some new issues. Like why is there MORE laundry to do? And how about: how is it possible that I've already done the dishes, but somehow we're already out of forks again? Also, homework sucks. And how the hell am I supposed to both cook dinner and drop and pick up the kids simultaneously? How is that even physically possible? But not all is lost from Day 3... I did a Junior Achievement lesson for my daughter's 4th grade class. I love doing JA as it let's me live my dream of being a teacher in a very small way. Today, we learned about Scarcity. You know what is scarce? The amount of time I have had this week to fricken relax for 2 seconds. I also coach girls softba

Mr Mom [Day 2 April 24, 2007, Tuesday]

Is this what it is like to be a single mom? OH MY GOD. How the hell is it possible to sustain this pace for more than a single day? Yesterday was good actually, but by 8 PM I was exhausted after finishing laundry, picking up the dog, cooking dinner (and then cookies!), cleaning up, doing homework (checking it actually), arguing over bed time, watching Dancing with the Stars at gun point and finally speeding through last nights pretty good episode of Heroes. Needless to say, I slept pretty well last night! However, Tuesday is already shaping up to be a doozy. I was warned yesterday by the kennel that a "new strain" of kennel cough is going around. As per usual, I figured no problemo - my dog won't get it - he's a super dog with a super immune system. Pure bred goodness. Check out that stud: Sure enough I woke up to the sweet sounds of the dog coughing up a lung. So now, instead of heading to the train to try to get to my office, I'm headed directly to the vet to g

Mr Mom [Day 1 April 23, 2007, Monday]

We got back very late last night from Nashville landing around 8:30, almost 2 hours late. American Airlines was 2 for 2 this trip - both ends of the flight were delayed. Ah well. In any case, the girls had a great flight, they really are angels. They are also keenly aware that daddio is over his head a bit and cooperated and acted perfectly the entire trip. After we landed we called to talk to mommy - my favorite part (and proudest) was when Sydney told her mom that she had Coke for dinner (no food, just a Coke). Yea, nice job pops, off to a great start. I did manage to get Julia to eat something before we took off, so points there I guess. When we finally got home, I forced the kids to brush their teeth and hit the sack immediately. They were tired, no problems there at all. Somehow, I remembered to defrost the bread (see picture below). In the morning, I woke up early and made lunch. Making lunch felt a bit like an improv act - I was stumbing around the kitchen, looking for different

Mr Mom - Laundry

Mr Mom - Laundry Originally uploaded by msirkin . As I prepare for a week with the kids all on my lonesome, I've started noticing things around the house designed to ease my transition. My wife in this case has prepared specific laundry instructions for me, taking care to highlight some of the more important nuances of washing laundry. Bathing suits must be hand washed for example (I'll just leave that until she gets back I think). I also especially liked that she taped the instructions to the washing machine securely. The question I have is - what happens if I don't wander by and notice the note, prompting me to remember to actually do the laundry? Perhaps a string around my finger would do the trick!

Mr. Mom

Be afraid kids, very afraid. My wife is headed to Florida next week for some family stuff and is leaving me to tend for my 2 kids all week. I'm going to blog about my week as Mr. Mom as best I can starting on Sunday night if possible. Here are a few of the things I'm going to have figure out: - laundry (haven't done laundry I think since college) - dinner every night (hey, I do cook every so often, but not every night!) - putting kids to sleep on time (and not watching an extra episode of The Simpsons with them instead) - getting kids to school on time - girls hair - girls clothes - hell, anything to do with getting girls ready to go out into the world - snacks - checking homework - picking up and dropping off of various kids - showering myself - getting some sleep - getting to work and then home without forgetting the kids schedules - softball games - lacross practice OH MY FRICKEN GOD. This can't possibly end well. Stay tuned.


I'm in trouble, big trouble. My 9 year old is an e-mail fool - emailing everyone she can get her hands on - including me. We even have "code names" for each other - she's "Red Fox (RF)" and I'm "Pop Goes the Weasel (PGTW)." Names are deleted for privacy, as if that actually existed at this point. Yesterday, we left her alone for less than 20 minutes in the house. When I checked my e-mail I read the following: Subject: HELP pgtw, here is the latest news report: a girl named [name deleted] Sirkin (age 9) had been practicing lacrosse outside with her younger sister, [name deleted] , who was just learning. Soon [name deleted] had to go to real lacrosse practice and her parents left her at home. her dad was out golfing, and had promised to come back soon. her mom wouldn't be back 'till [name deleted]'s lacrosse practice was over. after 11 minutes she called her mom but her dad's voice came on. "sorry but i'm busy right now.