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My Obsession with Failure

I've blogged about failure before ... and here we go again. This video is really powerful. The solution to failure is clearly... to keep on going. Fail fast and move one. It strikes me that it takes a certain type (or lack) of ego to push on after failing.

Are You the One?

UPDATE 6/22/09... I never saw this coming but I ended up taking the job myself. I'm as stunned as you are. More to come for sure... Original post: I'm working with a high profile non-profit who is looking to fill a very senior level position : Chief Community Officer. Here' s a bit from the job description... if this sounds like you or someone you know, please email me. Exploits the new media of social and community networking in the previously untapped not-for-profit sector; democratizes the process of reaching a mass audience, thereby capitalizing on new revenue-generating opportunities. Provides thought leadership both internal and external; strategizes with senior managers and Board members. Leads the social direction organizationally, via creation and execution of mission statement, in areas such as: social (general), social technologies and communities, and social media. Develops a strategic plan for social and community networking and implements the coordination e

Thank God for Great Spam

I know, I shouldn't be re-posting spam e-mails, but I'm in an odd mood (it's probably the jet lag)... so I just had to share. Dear Sir/Madam, I am contacting you based on my plan for establishment in your country. Please get back to me to enable me furnish you information on my desire of investing in your country. I look forward hearing from you as soon as possible. Thanks for your expected co-operation Martin Dent Ok... enough of that... "Report spam" button has been engaged. Although, I do have to say I'm curious how I could possibly help him "enable me furnish you information." Reminds me of Borat, or All Your Base Are Belong To Us .