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Let the Adventure Begin

Tomorrow is a big day for me. More than a year ago, I made a very hard choice to leave the non-profit sector when I was recruited for an amazing opportunity at Microsoft. The past year has been a total trip (more on that later). Despite the fantastic experience I had working for Microsoft, I find myself blogging about the end of that all too short experience as I prepare for my first day with Autism Speaks as their first ever "Chief Community Officer." I have a really good idea conceptually about what this position could become both for myself and more importantly for Autism Speaks and ultimately what we will be trying to "unleash" within the Autism Community. That said, we'll see where this journey takes me, it's sure to be interesting! I had been writing a "fairly successful" blog called npMarketing (check it out if you get a moment) but am going to blog here instead and will do my best to convert the readers of that blog to Mindnumbing Thought