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Technology is our word for stuff that doesn't work yet

I was reading a very interesting article/posting on Always-On about "Grokking Technology" that got me thinking about the role technology is playing my personal and professional life, and in my kids lives. While I didn't come up with anything earth-shattering, I did like this chart which clearly shows what is going to happen demographically as we move into the future. The idea of "digital natives" is very compelling - my daughter for example is 7, has a Gameboy, understands that "binary" is a language and is familiar enough with email that she has one already. She's already owned 1 digital camera (and broken it), and can articulate what Google is better than her grandmother, who FINALLY got a working computer with an Internet connection. The kicker however to the article can be found in a comment way down at the bottom of the page left by Rich Seidner who quotes Douglas Adams. "Technology is our word for stuff that doesn't work yet."

Yankee Stadium... An Amazing Day

I spent the day at my favorite place in the world - my own personal sanctuary, watching the Yanks beat up on Seattle. You may have read about my dad and Yankee Stadium at some point... but if not, feel free find out what I'm talking about. My 7 year old daugther actually KEPT SCORE on her own, asking amazing questions, having a great time and becoming a baseball lover right in front of my eyes. I took this photo with my 400mm lens from way up in section 619 . What a day, what a day!

Her First Game

Dear Baseball, I've missed you a lot. You see, when I was a kid, I was a baseball freak-a-zoid. Baseball cards, Strat-o-matic, more Baseball cards, Little League, Micr-league Baseball, Yankees Opening Day, Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry, hating the Red Sox, Mets and Pete Rose and loving Reggie Jackson. I played a lot of baseball, against the back wall of any and all houses I could find, in leagues, in high school and even adult baseball when I was 25. I even worked for the Atlanta Braves in 1993 (and cried just a bit on my last day). But then I lost interest. Totally not interested in Bill James, WHIPs, Fantasy Baseball or Jose Canseco. I was lost. But things are different baseball, between you and me. You see, I have 2 kids who need to be properly introduced to you. They need to live off you for a while, breathe you in and let you light up their imagination with possibilities. I'm breeding some Yankees fans - and my house is again filled with the sounds of baseball - Derek