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Took the kids bowling today. Aside from really stinking it up (a craptastic 101 then a semi-respectable 138) I noticed something that everyone who's ever bowled has glimpsed. This applies pretty much only to men. Say you are a guy and you are bowling. You get your ball, prepare yourself and walk/run/sashay up to the line and throw/roll/bowl the ball towards the pins. Here's where it gets interesting... A milli-second after he sees what he got, one of two things happens. 1. If he got a strike or a spare, he will either turn suddenly and pump his arm like Tiger Woods. Then he'll stride back and either take a sip of beer or whatever he's drinking and bask in the envious glow of every single person in the entire bowling alley. I know he feels this way, because that's how I feel. 2. If he gets anything less than a strike or a spare, including if he missed an impossible split he'll turn around and not look anyone directly in the eyes. At this point, he'll either

Pitchers and Catchers!

Hope springs eternal! Baseball is almost back ! Predictions purely based on my own biases: AL East - Yankees AL Central - Tigers AL West - A's Wildcard - Red Sox NL East - Mets NL Central - Brewers NL West - Padres Wildcard - Cubs (ha!) Yanks beat Mets in a 7 game subway series. ARod gets 12 hits and drives in 23 runs in those 7 games. Like I said - hope springs eternal.