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India Baseball

I felt compelled to post this. There is something about this story that gets me both on a personal and a marketing level. I make fun of American Idol, but this exactly, exactly the same thing. As a lifelong baseball fan and someone who couldn't have been more dissapointed by A-Rod and Barry Bonds, this is what I needed. I wish the Yankees had signed them, but a piece of my heart is now in Pittsburgh. Enjoy.

Saving the U.S. Auto Industry

Finally! It's finally time for the big reveal on "How I, someone with no automotive industry experience can save the U.S. Auto Industry with singularly great idea." You'll recall, that I teased you about 2 months ago (I've been busy in my underground lab working on this) and threw out some clues to my idea. The first was that regular folks don't give a crap about performance. Yes, certainly some do, and the auto industry and the magazines would have you believe the opposite. The truth is though, that average folks worry more about car payments than how fast their depreciating hunk of metal goes from 0-60. Blasphemy, I know, but hey, I'm saving an entire industry here folks! Second was a remark about the theater of cars is the most important factor... I'm a marketer by profession and am constantly blown away when I see superior designs and user interfaces winning over better technological solutions. Case in point... the iPod. There isn't a person on