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"Because I Burned My It All (my cash)" - adapted by Marc Sirkin Adapted from Afroman's "Because I Got High" I was gonna go public until I burned it all I gonna get filthy rich and buy a big house but then I burned it all my mind is still messed up and I know why - cause I burned it all [repeat 3X] I was gonna build my dream but then I burned it all I coulda worked smart and I coulda managed my cash but I burned it all I gonna try again someday and I know why - cause I burned it all [repeat 3X] I was gonna release working software but then I burned it all I just hired a COO but I burned it all now I'll have to start again and I know why - cause I burned it all [repeat 3X] I was gonna do an IPO before I burned it all I was gonna pay my vendors but then I burned it all they took all my stock away and I know why - cause I burned it all [repeat 3X] I wasn't gonna run from the VC's because I burned it all I was gonna raise
So... I've landed a new job! Here's the thing - as I accepted my new job, I was offered the opportunity to potentially join yet another struggling technology infrastructure company. The fact that I EVEN contemplated and at one point convinced myself that this was a GREAT opportunity proved to me that GREED still lives in me... the job paid a hell of a lot more than my new gig but it would involve: - long hours - lots of travel - high pressure meetings - having to deal with a tech company that thinks it knows something no one else does - yea, sure, right-o! Thank God that they reconsidered their offer at the last minute. So I wasted an afternoon talking with their CEO, several VP's and a very nice HR lady... I was going to join.. sign on the line, make my deal with the devil etc... But instead - I got a reprieve and a reality check. They said "We just can't move fast enough for your time table." Considering that I could have put my other job in
I've started a new blog which will chronicle my descent into the world of Network Marketing. Click here to read what's up.
I own options in 3 companies that have no chance of ever, ever making money... damn, I wish I had been working for a gold watch or a pension plan. What a fucking joke.
I got fired and I feel fine... I feel fine because I know that the company I was with was a total, 100% loser. I will be fine because know better than to let working at a second miserable technology company get me down. I got fired because they are clueless and don't like criticism. I will be fine because we're moving "back" to NY to make my family whole again, it's been too long with too much unsaid.
I used to work with this guy - he'll know who he is if he reads this but won't see the humor in it... He is fond of prefacing things with "I call this.." So what's really great is when you are in a meeting with this guy/ He'll say cool things like "I like to call this a telephone" or "I like to call this a land-line" like he fucking invented the thing he's referencing. Once, I heard him say "I call this the Internet" which was dramatically funny to me for so many reasons. It's great to chat with him once you know about this eccentricty because you can spur him on by saying things like "Hey, what's this thing called?" If you ask it enough about different things, he'll spring a doozey on you - guaranteed! "It's what I call, oxygen." Fun.
Please, if you are reading this.. WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS when you take a leak... I really, really, really don't want to touch your penis, pee or pubic hair when shaking your hand... Damn.
OH MY GOD... I caught myself saying "right" (see below for reference) Someone shoot me, put me out of my new economy misery.
The dictionary defines the universe as: All matter and energy, including Earth, the galaxies and all therein, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole. An article on starts w/this sentence... The physical universe began not with a primordial Big Bang but with a monumental collision with another universe, a bold new theory suggests. Entire article: So... all matter and energy collided with another all matter and energy. Cool.
Had a wild dream... I am in a theater... then suddenly outside of a large house, a barn or huge nursing home maybe. I see a guy walking up the street towards me - my dad? I rush up to see who it is - and as I get close enough to him a huge crowd of people blocks my way. Back in the theater, sitting 2 seats from me is a guy, but there is someone in the seat in between... I look forward, the guy 2 seats away looks back, I look back, he looks forward - again and again. I know it's my dad, but he doesn't know it's me and I can't seem to reach him. I need therapy bad.
When you are talking to someone who obviously is intelligent and they keep punctuating their sentences with ", right?" and ", OK?" does that mean they are being condescending? It feels that way but I'm not sure... here are some examples - you be the judge: - You saw Kevin talk about the five 9's, right? - Here's the entire product line, it's simple, OK? - The way you access it is with a browser, right? It's annoying, right?
I was sleeping soundly last night and apparently had this conversation with my wife: Me: What does 26 mean? Her: I don't know Me: Me neither Me again: HAHAHAHAHAHAAH, back to sleep. Very odd.
Has anyone out there ever tried breathing exercises to relax? Does it actually work or am I just wasting 5-10 minutes, twice a day? I think I feel more relaxed afterwards but then something happens and I get crazy again. I think I need breathing exercises designed to help other people relax when they are around me.
Why is it that technology companies are so arrogant? It seem to me that many Internet companies need some basic history lessons... history has this nasty habit of repeating itself.
It's my 31st birthday today. I am old, and tired. I think the average age at some point in fairly recent history was 31 wasn't it? That means I'd really be an old fart. Then I could live my dream of being a dirty old man and getting away with it. Now that's gonna be fun. In any case, I don't feel any different being 31, not physically anyway. But mentally, 31 is pretty big - I can actually feel the downward slope of things. Ha. Now where'd I put those teeth again?
I thought that some of the metaphysical imagry was really particularly effective. Interesting rhythmic devices too, which seemed to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the humanity of the Vogonity. - Clear and concise explanation of Vogon Poem from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Well this is interesting... my very own blog... I wonder if I'll ever actually use this thing... right now I am on a sales call and am about to introduce myself to the team. I guess I'm about to become a sales guy. I guess I need to buy some cheap suits and a box of thick cigars to hand out. That makes me a real sales guy. That and an order form. Once I have the order form, I'll simply give the prospect a cigar - exude confidence and blammo... get them to sign on the dotted line. Coffee is for winners.. good thing I drink coke.