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New Music

I'm sure you've all read the article in wired about "mashups" - if not - google "wired mashup gorillaz" and I'm sure you can find what I'm talking about. I'm too lazy to find the link right now... because I'm doing something of some novelty and rarity right now. I meandered over to Best Buy during a trip to Atlanta and picked up "Demon Days" - the Gorillaz new album. I cannot remember the last time I bought an album just for the hell of it in a long, long while. I'm beyond fascinated in the entire mash up thing and can't wait to hear the Kelly Clarkson song "Since U Been Gone" remix. Someone turned me on to "The Grey Album" but rap just isn't my fo-shizzle. In any case, the interesting thing about this post to me is that I actually bought CDs. I cannot stand buying songs online, becuase many sites have restrictions on what I can do with my musical property - let alone mash it up. The 2nd interesting t