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Showing posts from January, 2001
It's my 31st birthday today. I am old, and tired. I think the average age at some point in fairly recent history was 31 wasn't it? That means I'd really be an old fart. Then I could live my dream of being a dirty old man and getting away with it. Now that's gonna be fun. In any case, I don't feel any different being 31, not physically anyway. But mentally, 31 is pretty big - I can actually feel the downward slope of things. Ha. Now where'd I put those teeth again?
I thought that some of the metaphysical imagry was really particularly effective. Interesting rhythmic devices too, which seemed to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the humanity of the Vogonity. - Clear and concise explanation of Vogon Poem from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Well this is interesting... my very own blog... I wonder if I'll ever actually use this thing... right now I am on a sales call and am about to introduce myself to the team. I guess I'm about to become a sales guy. I guess I need to buy some cheap suits and a box of thick cigars to hand out. That makes me a real sales guy. That and an order form. Once I have the order form, I'll simply give the prospect a cigar - exude confidence and blammo... get them to sign on the dotted line. Coffee is for winners.. good thing I drink coke.