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Finding Your Life Purpose

It's been a while since I posted here... I found a link to this article about finding my life purpos e the other day and set up a blank Google doc to answer the question "“What is my true purpose in life?" It's not an easy exercise to say the least. I'm 30 minutes in and have 56 things written down that range from "breathe" to "learn to enjoy the journey" and have no idea what it all means. I'm trying hard not to focus on career, job stuff but to get outside my own head space and let ideas come to me. I've tried this in the past and had some success, but clearly, my desire to dig back into this means it's not yet resolved. Anyone else tried this sort of exercise and had any good results? I realize I over-think everything and this is probably more of that.. but it is what it is! I'm going to keep going until something clicks. #1 on the list right now is... finding a way to be honest with myself and let the answers come.