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More Greenscreen fun!

Log in to Webkinz Originally uploaded by msirkin Our latest fun with greenscreens. See all of my greenscreen pics including Battlestar Galactica, American Idols and more! The technique isn't that hard, but it does require great lighting (which is tricky at best) and software that makes it easy to drop out the green background. I'm using an old version of Express Digital's Sport and Event software (leftover from when I ran a photography company), but you could use Photoshop as well.

5th Graders Have Mad Skillz

My 5th grader recently did a report for Social Studies and decided to use Google Maps, along with a fictional diary to illustrate Ponce de Leon's journey and life. I think in 5th grade, all I could do was stutter around girls and play with my baseball cards. View Larger Map